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Financial Templates for Businesses

Access Essential Resources for Scaling Your Company

Access Essential Resources for Scaling Your Company

In your go-to tool

Easily integrate with Microsoft Excel to begin visualizing your data immediately.

A few clicks away

No training, programming, or complex formulas required. Your reports prepared in moments.

Instant Insights

Ready-to-use solutions for insightful, practical, and intuitive reporting

The Intelligent approach to
mapping out your business's complexity

The Model Wiz Excel Add-In is your ultimate companion for streamlining finance and accounting tasks. With a comprehensive collection of professionally designed templates, this add-in empowers CFOs, finance professionals, and accounting teams to quickly access essential documents and streamline their workflow.

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Unlock the full potential of financial mastery with our CFO templates. 


Per User/Year

Full access to templates, tutorials, and dashboards.

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Enterprise Plan

Prepaid expenses are balances for amounts paid in advance but not yet consumed under accrual accounting. Keep track of your balance by entering the details in this template.


From the template page, click on the "download" button. The template will be downloaded into your Excel file.

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